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“Struikrover”: noun (plural Struikrovers), bandits, highwaymen, land pirates.

The Holland “Struikrovers” started as a convergence of local area players that played indoor soccer together unbound by club rules and stipulations.  

Now playing the Midwest Premier League, the Holland Rovers “Struikrovers” is a local Holland, MI team that is comprised of all local athletes making it a truly “local” team.  

“Locally Sourced” is our tag line, and we are proud to be a true community team!



  • Omar Arellano
  • Ashton Arredondo
  • Chandler Dewitt
  • Jordan Navis
  • Isaac Fernandez
  • Chase Freriks
  • Lucas Freriks
  • Chase Laarman
  • Korben Mathe
  • Zach Flowerday
  • Zac Wood
  • Bretton Timmer
  • Kaiden Link
  • Raul Reyes
  • Bradshaw Uhlman
  • Saul Gomez
  • Abraham Arrellano
  • Issac Ryzenga
  • Xander Fredericksen
  • Daniel Arellano
  • Axel Urbina
  • Brandon Walters
  • Fletcher Van Howe
  • Jasper Van Howe
  • Ethan Vollstedt
  • Dylan Urbina
  • Caleb Swartzendruber
  • Timothy Philips
  • Gavin Hardy
  • Kirby Eggers
  • Drew Sotok

Josh Van Howe
Nacho Urbina

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